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Australia Day Awards

Australia Day Awards

Each year Council presents Australia Day Awards to recognise those in the community who have made a noteworthy contribution to the community or have provided an outstanding service to the community over a number of years.

Awards are presented in the categories of:

  • Citizen of the Year
  • Young Citizen of the Year (residents aged between 16 and 30 years)
  • Senior Citizen of the Year (65 years and over)
  • Community Event of the Year
YearCitizen of the YearSenior Citizen of the YearYoung Citizen of the Year
1982Charles Fenton
Marguerite Close
1983Lloyd Medwin Rodney Jackson
1984Wally Bentley  
1985Ken O'Halloran Kerry Armstrong
1986Michael Johnston  
1987Keith (Cloudy) Kay  
1988Ian (Snow) Nielsen Tresna Walters
1989Kath Medwin
Frank Stokes
1990Rev Alwin Hatters  
1991Joan Fenton  
1992Peter Johnston Jane Croswell
1993Trevor Kingston Belinda Matkovich
1994Elaine Williams Kirri Clark
1995Marie Lord  
1996Gerry Hugo  
1997Margaret Britton  
1998Bob Wilson  
1999Doug Poke  
2000Gilbert (Gib) Hanson  
2001Joy O'Halloran  
2002Betty Maynard Sonia Smith
2003Audrey Humphries Ryan Tuxworth
2004Eddie Smith Madelin Poke
2005Mary Saville Zachary Morgan
2006Patricia Brown Sarah Rhodes
2007Judith Moore Amy House
2008Ross & Ned Hine Leah House
2009Gerald Kay Mitch Scott
2010Mary Kay Nakore Popowski
2011Chris (Bomber) Wells Griffin Blizzard
2012Annette Dawes Jye Crosswell
2013Mary (Molly) Spinks Tom Hite
2014William (Glen) McLaren Emma-Kate Busscher
2015Sue Smedley Callum Poke/Jesse Jackson
2016Elizabeth Gale Eli Perry
2017Crighton Horton/Patrica Joyce Danyon Saville
2018Kim Kay/Tony Hine Kurtis Maher
2019Jennifer PokeEric MarshallBrianne Hite
2020Ian KingKevin RadfordJoel Kay