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Property Addressing


Properties located within the municipal area of Circular Head (depending on location) may be provided with either an urban or rural addressing number. This is used as a means of identification of the actual address site, and can assist State Emergency Services where necessary.

Rural Addressing

This numbering system applies to address sites lying outside the limits of an urban numbering system. Remote pastoral regions without connection to a trafficable network may be excepted.

Allocation of rural address numbers is carried out in a logical sequence based on the distance of (an address site's) access point/s from the nominated start of the road.

This system is used in Circular Head to identify properties that contain a residence. Rural properties used for grazing or agricultural purposes only are not provided with a rural addressing number unless specifically requested.

Address Allocation Rural or Urban Properties - Form AW 17 022 1

Urban Addressing

This numbering applies to properties within the limits of an urban address area. Every address site within the boundary of an urban address area may be given a number or number range. Such sites may include public reserves, schools, buildings, address sites accessed by water and all other fixtures and locations situated in urban thoroughfares.

Both developed and undeveloped properties within an urban address area may be provided with a number.

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