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Chat to a Planner

Circular Head Council is currently holding a series of 'Chat to a Planner' sessions to help residents, business owners, community groups and industry professionals to understand our planning processes.

The sessions provide opportunities to speak face-to-face with Council officers about planning and development in Circular Head, allowing you to ask any questions you may have about planning and how this may relate to your property.

Current Planning Permit Applications

Interim Planning Scheme

On the 19 October 2013, the Circular Head Interim Planning Scheme 2013 replaced the Circular Head s.46 Planning Scheme No. 1, 1995.

To view the Interim Planning Scheme please visit:

Circular Head Interim Planning Scheme 2013

The above link will open the planning scheme in iPlan where it can be viewed in sections using the index down the left hand side of the page. Click on the arrows to 'unfold' each chapter.

The site is best accessed using a modern internet browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. The site does not work well with older versions of Internet Explorer. The site has a Help menu with trouble-shooting instructions are provided.


The Circular Head Interim Planning Scheme 2013 has allocated land into 17 different zones.  These can be viewed here Zoning Maps (

Tasmanian Planning Scheme

The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is a single statewide planning scheme which will replace the 30 current planning schemes operating in Tasmania. The Tasmanian Planning Scheme will consists of two parts:

  • a set of consistent statewide planning rules called State Planning Provisions and
  • Local Provisions Schedules which will contain the zone and overlay maps and lists that apply the State Planning Provisions and identified special and unique areas for each council area.

The State Planning Provision were made by the Minister on 22 February 2017 and came into effect on 2 March 2017 following a period of public consultation, public hearings and recommendations by the independent Tasmanian Planning Commission.

For further information see : Tasmanian Planning Reform

Progress of Circular Head's Local Provisions Schedule (Planning Scheme):

April 2019 - Council has submitted a draft of its Local Provisions Schedule to the Tasmanian Planning Commission

July 2019 – Council met with the Tasmanian Planning Commission to discuss any issues they have found to require clarification. See the meeting notes here.

January 2019 - The Minister of Planning has directed Council to exhibit its draft Local Provisions Schedule, see Circular Head Council Draft Planning page

February 2020 – July 2020 – Draft Local Provisions Schedule exhibited for public comment

Lodging a Planning Permit Application

Please use the following form when submitting an application to Council.

Development Application Form (Application for Planning Permit)(55 kb)

If you need to amend a planning permit, please use the following form.

Request for Minor Amendment to Planning Permit

Please contact Council Engineering and Development Services for more information on 03 6452 4885.  It is recommended to discuss your application before lodging.

Visitor Accommodation Reforms

State Government reforms to planning and building requirements for visitor accommodation use have come into affect.

If you plan to use your existing home, shack or investment property for visitor accommodation, you need to be aware of the Government’s reforms to planning and building requirements, which came into affect Statewide from 1 July 2017.

Planning and building requirements will vary depending on how you plan to use your property. A summary of the new arrangements is available via the following links. The new arrangements only relate to the use of an existing property where no development is involved.

Please see the following links for further information:

Tasmanian Planning Reforms : Visitor Accommodation Reforms

Visitor Accommodation Planning Directive

Visitor Accommodation Application Package

Planning matters - Making a Representation

Development Application Representation Letter

Please note that a representation to be valid must address the discretionary matter being considered by Council.

Political Advertising Signage

The Circular Head Interim Planning Scheme 2013, provides that a planning permit is not required for political advertising signs that meet the criteria in the attached document.  Please note these requirements only between when the writ for the election is issued through to 2 weeks after the election.

Political Advertising Signage Information(216 kb)

Bushfire Prone Area Code

For information on Bushfire Hazard Practitioners please see the Tasmanian Fire Service website

On this page there is a link to the most up to date list of accredited Bushfire Hazard Practitioners.

Land Stability and Landslip

The following link and information may assist landowners having to deal with land stability and landslip on their property or as part of the planning or development application process.

Mineral Resources Tasmania Land Stability and Landslip website information

Landslide Risk Management(1415 kb)

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