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Circular Head Council has nine Councillors, elected by the community each for a term of four (4) years. The election of Mayor and deputy Mayor positions are filled by popular vote as part of the election process.

General Manager's Roll

Local Government elections are held by postal ballot conducted by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission. Voting in the elections is not compulsory, however Circular Head Council encourages all eligible voters to ensure that they are correctly enrolled to allow them to have their say in the elections and the future of the Circular Head municipality.

If you would like to vote in the Circular Head Council elections, you must be enrolled on either the Tasmanian House of Assembly Electoral Roll at an address in Circular Head or on the General Manager's Roll for the Circular Head municipal area.

If you are not eligible to enrol on the Tasmanian House of Assembly Roll, for example if you are not an Australian Citizen, you may be eligible to enrol as an individual on the General Manager's Roll and vote if you own or occupy property within the Circular Head municipality.  Please see the Owner/Occupier enrolment form below.

If you own property in Circular Head but do not reside in the Circular Head municipality you may be eligible to enrol on the General Manager's Roll as an individual.  Persons owning property in more than one municipal area can be enrolled in each area and vote accordingly.  Please see the Owner/Occupier enrolment form below.

A Corporate Body that owns or occupies any land in the Circular Head municipal area is entitled to nominate one person to vote on its behalf at the local government elections.  Please see the Corporate Bodies enrolment form below.

Individuals or Corporate Bodies who have previously enrolled on the General Manager's roll are requested to notify Council if your details have changed since the last Local Government elections.  Neglecting to update your details may result in your ballot paper not reaching you and you not being able to cast your vote.

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Owner Occupier Owner%20Occupier (30 kb)

For more information please visit the Tasmanian Electoral Commission's website by clicking here.

2022 Local Government Election

The next Council election is forecast to be held during October 2022, but this date will be confirmed closer to the election.

Councils have a significant impact on the lives of all Tasmanians, enabling the economic, social and cultural development of the community, supporting individuals and groups, and providing a wide range of services for the wellbeing of the community.

Councillors play a vital leadership role, working together to create and implement their community’s vision, strategic direction and the values within which they operate.


By voting you can help influence what sort of place your community will be.  It is about your future so vote for the representative(s) you want.  Talk to other people you know and encourage them to vote too.

Almost everyone over 18, living, owning or leasing property in a Council area can be eligible to vote.

  • You can vote if you are on the State electoral role and are resident in the Council area (you don’t have to own a property).
  • You can vote if you own or manage property in the Council area but are not resident, but you need to complete an enrolment form for owners/occupiers or corporate bodes.

Standing as a candidate

Whether you are a resident, property owner or business operator, becoming a Local Government councillor can be the most direct and rewarding way to contribute to your local community.

Standing for election provides you with a great opportunity to influence the future direction of the local community and help those who require support. It can be daunting and time consuming, but also rewarding. Councils are complex and vibrant organisations that require talented and dedicated individuals to participate in making the decisions that count. It is an important decision.

Elections are conducted by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission (TEC).  Information on dates and for those considering standing as a candidate is available from the TEC.

The Local Government Association of Tasmania has produced a range of resources including presentations and a handbook for candidates, Becoming a Councillor  which are available at