Seven Up

During National Youth Week 2009, a youth forum was held in Smithton, to identify what the young people of Circular Head value and what they would like to see happen in their community.

The issue of having a place for young people to go, a 'Youth Space' is one which was overwhelmingly seen as the top priority for our youth, with bonding between schools also being seen as very important.

A committee was established with representation from the secondary schools, the Smithton Christian Fellowship, Circular Head Council and Rural Health Tasmania with the aim of opening a youth centre at the venue previously known as 'the cliff' in second term.

The Seven Up Youth Centre's trial period ended on 30 October 2010, and the centre was closed pending approval of funding for a co-ordinator for 2011. Funding has since been approved and a co-ordinator for the Centre was employed in March. The Seven Up Youth Centre has opened and will remain open on school days until 29 October, 2011 Monday to Friday 3pm to 6pm.

Circular Head Council Mayor Quilliam announced that the Circular Head Council had been judged a category winner in the Youth engagement (small Council) category for the process undertaken to develop the Seven Up Youth Centre in Smithton.