Wheelie Bin Collection

Weekly collection of wheelie bins is provided to serviced properties in the urban areas of Smithton and Stanley

Smithton urban wheelie bin collection occurs weekly on Friday or Thursday (see map below)

Stanley urban wheelie bin collection occurs weekly on Fridays.

Recycling wheelie bins are collected in urban areas on a fortnightly roster  click here.

Rural Waste Collection

Collection of Wheelie Bins in Rural areas occurs on a fortnightly roster (Fortnight A and B).  See map below to find your zone

For help to find which collection day applies to you please contact Council on 6452 4800, 33 Goldie St, Smithton or email council@circularhead.tas.gov.au .

Find your bin collection day by clicking on the map, Calendars can be downloaded below.  My Local Services app provides bin collection reminder

Find Your location by clicking on the map

Authorised Bins

Wheelie bins must have an Authorised Wheelie Bin Sticker" to be collected.  How many bins you can have collected depends on how many collection services have been attached to the property.  To change the number of collections, ratepayers can contact Council on 6452 4800 or use the forms below.

Wheelie Bin
  • Attaching the Sticker
    • Fit sticker to the front of the bin and centred towards the top for the truck driver to see.
    • Peel off backing and stick to a dry surface.
  • What if I need a replacement sticker?
    • Contact Council, who will check if bin(s) are rated on the property, then note the property that a replacement sticker has been issued and supply an Authorised Wheelie Bin Sticker.
  • What if I need a replacement bin?
    • Council do not supply bins, you can purchase a new bin from local hardware stores.
  • What if I move from a rural area to urban or urban to rural?
    • If you move contact Council for advice on 6452 4800.
  • I have three wheelie bins, so do I get a sticker for each wheelie Bin?
    • You will receive a sticker for each bin collection charge paid for at the property.
  • What is the maximum weight I can place in my wheelie bin?
    • The waste collection truck can lift a maximum weight of 50kg.

Application Form - Disconnection Additional Wheelie Bin Service Disconnection Additional Wheelie Bin Service(34 kb)

Application Form - Wheelie Bin Service(99 kb)

Minimising Waste

Tasmania’s three waste management groups have launched a new website to assist the Tasmanian community in thinking differently about our waste.

www.rethinkwaste.com.au is a collaborative state-wide initiative of the Cradle Coast Waste Management Group, the Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group and the Southern Waste Strategy Authority that encourages Tasmanians to rethink what we do with our waste at home, at school, in the workplace and when out and about.

Rethinkwaste.com.au is encouraging all Tasmanians to continue improving our environment, save energy, and reduce the burden on landfill by rethinking what we do with our waste.  Reducing the level of household waste is an easy exercise in rethinking old habits and watching what goes in our bins.  Rethinkwaste.com.au can show you how to get started and keep you going with great tips and ideas throughout the year.

By rethinking what we do, we can make a real reduction to the amount of waste we throw out.  It’s not hard and every little bit helps.

Visit www.rethinkwaste.com.au for more information.

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