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Place of Assembly (inc. smoke free public events)

Place of Assembly

The Public Health Act 1997 requires mass outdoor events to be regulated. Under the act, a Place of Assembly is defined as a mass outdoor public event, where one thousand people are present for two hours or more. A public event is defined by the Director of Public Health as meaning any performance, exhibition, circus, festival, food festival, pageant, regatta, sports event, dance and publicly advertised lecture.

If you plan to operate an event of this size and nature you need to apply for a place of assembly licence. If you have any questions relating to the place of assembly application form and process, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer who can discuss your requirements.

Place of Assembly Application Form

Smoke Free Public Events

If you plan to hold a mass outdoor public event, a Smoke Free Management Plan approved by the Department of Health is required before Council can issue a Place of Assembly Licence.

There are no additional costs for event organisers, other than the time needed too complete a Smoke Free Management Plan. For more information on smoke free public events, click here. Alternatively, you can contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 03 6452 4885 to discuss your requirements.