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Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers and Warm Water Systems

Circular Head Council is responsible for regulating cooling towers and systems of warm water under the Public Health Act 1997. Cooling towers and warm water systems, if not maintained correctly, provide the ideal environment for the growth of legionella, a bacteria know to cause serious illness in select population groups.

A cooling tower means a device that lowers the temperate of water by evaporative cooling in which atmospheric air is in contact with falling water thereby exchanging heat, or a device that incorporates a water-refrigerant exchange or water-water heat exchanger.

A warm water system means a system that heats and delivers water at a temperature below 60 degrees Celsius.

All businesses which have cooling towers are required to register with Circular Head Council. It is a requirement of the registration that the business complies with the Guidelines for Legionella in Regulated Systems. Operators of these systems must ensure that microbiological testing is done in accordance with the guidelines and records are kept.

To register your system, please submit an Application for Registration of a Regulated System.

For further information and advice please contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 6452 4885.