Recreational Waters (Pools and Beaches)

Public Pools and Spas

Circular Head Council are responsible for overseeing public pools and spa pools under the Public Health Act 1997, Recreational Water Quality Guidelines 2007.

If you are the owner of a public pool or spa pool you are required to-do the following:

  • Maintain a logbook that records the water quality information
  • Display bather warning Notices (refer to Appendix C of the Guidelines)
  • Maintain records of monthly microbiological water sampling results
  • Take water samples each month and submit to a Nata Accredited Laboratory for microbiological testing.

If you would like sampling advice or further information on Public Pools and Spas Pools, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 6452 4885.


Circular Head Council recognises the importance of having safe beaches, rivers and creeks to swim in, particularly over the warmer months.

From December through until the end of March every summer, Council regularly monitors the water quality at Godfreys Beach, Tatlows Beach, Hellyer Beach and Crayfish Creek. Signs remain in place at Crayfish Creek and Hellyer Beach due to the unpredictability of sampling results. Council will continue to monitor these sites each season and provide advice to the public when necessary.

If you have any concerns or queries in relation to the water quality of public swimming pools, spa pools or beaches in Circular Head, please contact us on 6452 4800.