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Recreational Waters – Health Risk

13 December 2005

The Circular Head Council warns visitors and residents against swimming and playing in the sand along Crayfish Creek, and against swimming in the Detention River.

Council's General Manager Greg Winton said the decision to erect warning signage was made after water sampling identified a potential public health risk. According to Mr Winton "regular sampling indicates that at times these waters, and the sand at Crayfish Creek, may be contaminated."

The levels of bacteria detected in samples show there may be increased health risks of gastrointestinal illness such as salmonella and hepatitis A, or skin and respiratory infections.

Until water quality improves and the risk of exposure is reduced, advisory signage will remain in place. Information available to Council suggests the contamination may be due to an accumulation of development in proximity to the watercourses, rather than a specific point source.

Council monitors a selection of the more popular swimming and recreational waterways. "It is currently not practicable for Council to monitor all sites where people swim" says Mr Winton. "On a more positive note, Godfreys & Tatlows Beaches in Stanley have shown good water quality results."

According to Mr Winton the natural colour of many waterways in Circular Head presents visibility problems for swimmers and recreational users. "People should always think about safety when swimming and should never dive into waterways where the bottom is not visible. I hope all residents and visitors to Circular Head can enjoy the area's waterways safely this summer" Mr Winton said.

13th December 2005

Mr Greg Winton
General Manager
Circular Head Council

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