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Vandalism Costs the Community

25 November 2013

Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam and Waratah-Wynyard Mayor Robby Walsh have today expressed their frustration following vandalism to trees in Council reserves in both municipal areas.

“Council has recently been quoted $8250 for the removal of a tree at Camp Creek, which has been poisoned,” Mayor Walsh said.

“This willful act is not only disappointing, but also very frustrating because that money could be better spent on programs to benefit the community.”

Mayor Walsh said a number of trees would also have to be removed on the Inglis River walking track because they had also been vandalised.

“Council officers estimate that these trees will cost somewhere between $3000 and $4000 to remove and replace,” Mayor Walsh said.

Mayor Quilliam said the unauthorised destruction of public property would be reported to Tasmania Police.

“Council officers will be removing trees at Wharf Road, Stanley next week because of vandalism, which should be a matter of concern to the community,” Mayor Quilliam said.

“While a report has indicated the removal of these trees may improve sight lines in the car park, the unwarranted attack on public assets threatens the reputation of towns such as Stanley.”

Both Mayors said it was concerning that any damage to trees could result in them falling on someone and injuring or indeed killing them.

“At the end of the day, anyone who poisons or cuts a tree on public land is creating a risk to the users of that area,” Mayor Quilliam said.

“I therefore urge anyone with an issue with a tree on a public reserve to contact either Council, as they both have systems in place which allow residents to request assessment of trees.”