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Council Takes Strategic Approach to Eastern Foreshore

18 July 2013

Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam today thanked the community for its input into the formation of the Eastern Foreshore Landscape Development Plan.

The plan was formally adopted by Council last month and is now available to the public.

“This plan is all about ensuring Council has a strategic plan for the future of the Eastern Foreshore of the Duck River,” Mayor Quilliam said.

“This will ensure that future development of the Eastern Foreshore benefits the whole Circular Head community.”

The Eastern Foreshore Landscape Development Plan identifies and makes recommendations on improvements to significant and special features along the foreshore, vehicular and pedestrian access, furnishings such as bins, signs and barbecue facilities, and general enhancement of the existing landscape.

“Thanks to the community’s input we now have a plan to ensure that the Eastern Foreshore truly becomes Smithton’s high profile recreation area along the waterfront and is enjoyed and valued for its activities, scenery and unique environment,” Mayor Quilliam said.

The Landscape Development Plan seeks to:

  • Result in a greater appreciation of an area of significant open space for the enjoyment of locals and visitors alike;
  • Protect and enhance the visual and environmental amenity of the Duck River riparian lands;
  • Ensure that management of the foreshore environs is sustainable and results in protection and enhancement of native stands of the riverine vegetation and fauna found in the area;
  • Ensure that management decisions relating to the placement of furniture such as bins, seating and signs, along with community infrastructure, are strategically planned and are within an agreed Landscape Development Plan framework;
  • Allow Council to forward plan budget allocations for upgrades and improvements to the Duck River Eastern Foreshore, within an agreed Landscape Development Plan framework; and to
  • Provide for the strategic, accountable and robust management of a significant area of open space in Smithton.

Council engaged in a number of consultation mechanisms including via its website, social media, community information sessions, a survey and walk and talk sessions over the project area.

“It is thanks to those who took part in this process that we are able to proceed with plans such as these with confidence that they are supported by the community,” Mayor Quilliam said.

The Landscape Development Plan is conceptual, giving an overview of development recommendations and overall landscape intent. Each future development or upgrade; for example placement of armour rock to the eastern embankment, or development of a kinetic art installation adjoining the Duck River estuary, or realignment of the East Esplanade roadway, or tourist information signage at the wharf, will require design and documentation at the time of considering and funding such a development.

Copies of the plan are available at Council or via below

Eastern Foreshore Masterplan(8963 kb)