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Powering Up Circular Head

23 July 2012

Circular Head Education and Training Consultative Committee (CHETCC) Project Officer Jacki Langton today released details of the upcoming Powering Up Science Gig to be held as part of National Science Week next month.

“The Powering Up Science Gig is following on from annual events coordinated in Circular Head as part of National Science Week,” Ms Langton said.

“This event will be a real interactive educational experience with Circular Head school students competing for prizes.

“Entries for the MacGyver challenge will be taken on the night. The MacGyver Challenge is open to families, different age groups and corporate teams as well.”

Ms Langton said the Powering Up Science Gig, to be held on Monday, 13 August at the Smithton Christian Fellowship from 6pm to 9pm, was this year focusing on the theme of Energy Evolution.

There will be food available at family friendly prices at the event as well as a number of interactive displays for all age groups.

“National Science Week is all about drawing attention to and spark interest in science as well as providing everyone with an opportunity to be engaged in science,” she said.

“This event is also about inspiring people to get a science career and how science is involved in everyday life.

“It’s a great night for families and the local community to learn more about science.”


Ms Langton said as this year was also the Year of the Farmer, High School students would also be visiting Redbanks Farm at Sisters Creek on July 25 and August 1 to study the relationship between sustainability, energy and food production.

“As both energy and farming are of significant importance in Circular Head it is certainly fitting that we are taking the students to learn more about the use of energy and its practical application in the operation of a successful business,” Ms Langton said.

This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government as part of National Science Week, the Circular Head Council and other industry partners.