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Celebrating the resilience of the Circular Head community

29 November 2011

The Local Voices report launched today in Smithton is all about ensuring the Circular Head region is prepared for the many changes that lie ahead.

The report by Rural Development Services was commissioned by Relationships Australia to examine Relationships Australia's role in the Circular Head community.

Released by Relationships Australia Tasmania CEO Mat Rowell and Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam, the report highlights not only the strengths and assets in the community but also some of the key challenges in the future.

"This is clearly a community with great strength, tenacity, perseverance and community spirit, but despite these great assets and strengths, there are times when some additional support will be necessary" Mr Rowell said.

"This report makes a number of recommendations including the further development of community assets, investing in a region-wide mental health strategy, increasing support for families and access to family transport.

"Along with increasing participation, developing locally based projects that assist with cost of living and building on the economic diversity of the region, Relationships Australia is further committed to its role in the community."

Mayor Quilliam agreed and said the report was all about future-proofing the community and adapting to change. 

"The Circular Head community has faced some difficult times in recent years - economic downturn, industry restructure, extreme weather conditions road trauma," he said.

"This report will help guide us forward following these restructures, which can and should be seen as a positive thing for our community.

"Mental health is a very good example of issues that Council needs to be aware of and services, such as those provided by Relationships Australia, are important particularly in the amount of growth we will see in our community over the next couple of years."

Launching the report, Mr Rowell said there were a number of community partnerships that were essential not only for its future success, but also its foundations.

"Firstly I'd like to thank sincerely those members of the community here in Circular Head who gave generously of their time to meet with Maree and to share their views, their personal stories and their insights.

"And I'd like to thank Maree Fudge for her remarkable research and skills of inquiry and her ability to listen to the people.

Mr Rowell also thanked the Circular Head Council for its input and participation and willingness to look at the recommendations, local Relationships Australia Rural Support staff and the Department of Health and Human Services for continuing funding of the service in the Circular Head region.

The report is available at or below

Local Voices Report Local%20Voices%20Report (584 kb)