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2011/12 Annual Plan and Budget Estimates

10 June 2011

At the Council meeting to be held on 16 June 2011, the Circular Head Council will be considering the adoption of the 2011/12 Annual Plan and Budget Estimates, which provides for an increase of 4.0% for general rates.

Mayor Daryl Quilliam indicated "Our challenge is how we provide the core functions; a suitable road transport network, disposal of domestic and commercial waste and better community facilities that are affordable - whilst at the same time extend into those areas where other levels of government on their own seem to achieve limited success. For example, last year we received $20,000 from the Federal Government via the Cradle Coast Authority to participate in the Healthy Communities initiative, which we followed up with our own local wellness program."

We are entering what is likely to be a period of restraint. At the household level we are all experiencing cost of living pressures, housing affordability, utility charges and food prices; all lead to a reduction in discretionary spending" said Mayor Quilliam.

General Manager, Greg Winton said "The local wellness program "Balance... your life" perhaps sums up what we as a Council, as a community and indeed as a society need to reflect upon as times continue to change and the spare cash becomes tighter. Councils are increasingly becoming aware of their legacies regarding asset renewals and the need for forward planning. Council has placed much emphasis on this during the last 12 months and the 2011/12 budget is a reflection of this."

Significant expenditure items listed in the Budget for adoption next Thursday include:

  • $694,000 for the upgrade of the Togari Road network
  • $288,000 for the reconstruction of Massey Street (from Robert Street to lookout)
  • $220,000 to reconstruct Grey Street, Smithton
  • $164,000 to upgrade Rifle Range Road, Smithton
  • $233,000 to finalise the planning and design of Circular Head War Memorial Swimming Pool
  • $240,650 for various plant purchases
  • $55,700 to repair damaged access at Godfrey's Beach, Stanley
  • $375,000 for various improvements at the Port Latta landfill site
  • $131,000 for extension to the Circular Head Lawn Cemetery
  • $150,000 to seal Greenpoint Road and carpark, Marrawah
  • $25,000 for improvements to the Forest road network

Rate notices will be distributed towards mid July. Council is very mindful of the current economic climate and should a ratepayer be unable to meet a payment date, consideration will be given to special arrangements provided we receive the application prior to the due date.

Authorised for general media distribution by Greg Winton, General Manager, Circular Head Council on Friday, 10 June 2011.