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Lose Kilos for the Community

16 February 2011

Statistics indicate that in Circular Head 61% of us are overweight and 21% of us don't get enough exercise.

In light of these rather disturbing statistics and as part of Circular Head Council's balance your life health and well-being program, Council has developed 'lose Kilos for the Community'.

Council will be working with fitness service providers to encourage the community to embark on a healthier way of life.

Kilos for the Community is not a diet or a new weight loss program, and does not recommend or endorse any particular product or weight loss regime.

Rather, the program is more about offering people a motivational 'kick-start' to a healthier, more active lifestyle, in a supportive environment.

Mayor Daryl Quilliam said "The program aims to encourage responsible weight loss practices, increase levels of physical activity and encourage better eating habits."

Council will match the total kilos lost with a financial contribution to provide exercise equipment on the walking tracks.

The program commenced on 10 February, 2010 and offers the opportunity to try some free exercise sessions (to suit your interests and ability), weight loss advice, regular weigh-ins and information sessions.

Further enquiries may be directed to Deb Mainwaring, Yvonne Stone or Alysha House by Telephoning 6452 4800.


Authorised for general media distribution by Greg Winton, General Manager, Circular Head Council on Wednesday, 16th February 2011.