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Recycle It Is Worth It

23 December 2004

National Recycling Week To further improve recycling facilities at White Hills Transfer Station, the Council conducted a competition for school children to design new signage. The level of enthusiasm was very pleasing, particularly from the winner Ashley Nielson of the Circular Head Christian School whose "Recycle It Is Worth It" slogan is now one of the new signs erected at White Hills Transfer Station. Ashley won a prize of Books, Puzzles and Stickers and his school also received $100 which might help with reducing waste or improving recycling programs at the school.

"The kids are our future and for them recycling is another part of everyday life" said Deputy Mayor Daryl Quilliam during his award presentation speech.

Upcoming improvements at White Hills Transfer Station may include bulk metals recycling, paper and card recycling. "The success of these initiatives will be dependent upon the community. It is up to everyone to separate their recyclables so the initiatives are beneficial and cost effective. You split the waste, we split the cost" is the challenge on offer according to Julia Williams, Infrastructure and Development Services, Executive Assistant.

"If recyclable streams are separated and kept clean, the product can be worth a considerable amount. If they are contaminated by general waste, the recyclables are worthless" said Ms Williams.

Recycle rates can be increased in Circular Head. The more that can be recycled at kerbside or at White Hills, the less there is to bury in landfill and to transport from White Hills. These efforts benefit the environment and provide useful cost savings too.

Authorised for general media distribution by Greg Winton, General Manager, Circular Head Council on Tuesday h November 2004.

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