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Bathurst Burr (Xanthium spinosum) in Circular Head

11 May 2009

Farmers in Circular Head are asked to keep an eye out for potentially nasty new weed. Bathurst Burr has been positively identified in the Edith Creek area.

The plant is a Declared Weed in Tasmania, and has not previously been recorded in Circular Head. According to Council's Weed Strategy Officer, Anthea Fergusson "The plant has very nasty spines, and is believed to have travelled to the municipality as a burr in the tails of cattle imported from the mainland last year. It is one of the most widely spread weeds in Australia, so we are fortunate that it is very rare in Tasmania, lets keep it that way."

Landholders are asked to keep an eye open for any sign of this plant in their paddock. "Farmers who may have imported cattle from the mainland states should be particularly vigilant and report any suspicious weeds to Circular Head Council," says Mrs Fergusson. Bathurst Burr is toxic to cattle as seed and as seedlings, and a bad weed in crops like potatoes and peas.  It is an annual plant, flowering and setting seed in autumn, before dying down for the winter.  It is spread entirely by seed, and the small infestations in Tasmania are located around stockyards and abattoirs.

Further enquiries may be directed to Anthea Fergusson , Weed Strategy Officer by Telephoning 0427 573 565

Bathurst Burr Spines Bathurst Burr


Authorised for general media distribution by Greg Winton, General Manager, Circular Head Council on Thursday 7 May 2009.