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Tennis and Netball Facilities

8 January 2008

The Circular Head Council has confirmed that it will not be interfering with the previously contracted arrangements for the provision of Tennis and Netball facilities at the Smithton Recreation Ground.




Tennis and Netball Facilities

The Circular Head Council has confirmed that it will not be interfering with the previously contracted arrangements for the provision of Tennis and Netball facilities at the Smithton Recreation Ground.

The Councils Central Area Outdoor Committee, following a discussion with Smithton Tennis Club representatives, had requested in December 2007 that the Council cease all works until an on-site meeting occurred, citing in particular concerns relating to the surface levels.

General Manager Greg Winton indicated that any assertions that the project failed to meet required "standards" were misinformed.

"I have personally reviewed the project scope and design and met with the Chairman of the Central Area Outdoor Committee and President of the Smithton Tennis Club. The plexipaving process is designed to remedy minor surface depressions such as the areas where water ponding is presently visible immediately after rain. Minor issues, such as gaps at the bottom of fencing, will be fixed by the contractor before the Council will accept handover of the project" said Mr. Winton.

Instead of the original two courts adjoining the Circular Head Community and Recreation Centre, the Council had agreed to provide four courts and dedicated Clubrooms. Climatic conditions have caused the delay in the laying of the plexipave surface. Minimum preparation/laying parameters must be met to receive quality/durability guarantees by the supplier.

"I understand the extended timeframe has been frustrating however once the project is completed it will provide both the Tennis and Netball groups with quality facilities" said Mr. Winton.

The final court is to be constructed in mid January with the plexipave being laid when climatic conditions are appropriate.



In late 2004 the Council determined to halt the construction of two tennis/netball courts originally proposed for Stage One of the Circular Head Community and Recreation Centre (CHCRC) and reserve the area for future enclosed expansion of the CHCRC.

The proposition included resiting the courts to a position south west of the main building (the existing cricket nets) together with an additional two courts. 

The availability of the CHCRC change rooms for netball players due to football rosters running in conjunction with netball rosters however posed an unresolved dilemma. Investigations were then carried out regarding the existing (old) netball site to ascertain the viability of constructing the tennis/netball facility at this site.

The Council subsequently agreed to construct four tennis/netball courts and upgrade the existing facility at the old netball site. This site had the advantage of utilisation of the old netball court base (with associated cost efficiencies). The location also provided the user groups with greater flexibility for roster scheduling and also reduced the potential inadequacy of available car parking.

The project was scheduled to commence on 26 February 2007 with a timeframe of approximately fourteen weeks. A final completion date was dependent upon weather conditions, which would dictate when the plexipave seal would occur to complete the project as specific conditions (ground temperature/moisture) are required to ensure the quality and durability of the final seal.  

Concurrently, user group representatives were made aware of the revision which included providing three tennis/netball courts in a north/south configuration and one court with an east/west configuration. Agreement and support was initially received from representatives. 

A request from the Tennis Club then resulted in an onsite meeting to discuss the configuration of the courts was held on 19 February 2007.  Representatives from Tennis, the Outdoor Area Management Committee and Council staff were present. Council Officers were requested to obtain additional costings for four adjacent courts in a north/south configuration (the orientation being a preferred layout for Tennis play).  Due to additional fill, additional extension of the asphalt surfacing, drainage etc the suggested configuration would have exceeded the Budget by approximately $200,000.

Ongoing discussions and negotiations with Matthews Construction to determine an appropriate action regarding configurations resulted in the design of three adjacent courts north/south, with base preparation for a fourth north south court and completion in 2007/2008 financial year.

Whilst the objective of the orientation of the courts (all north south) was achieved, some criticism resulted as the four courts would not be constructed and completed immediately. Despite this, the project commenced with Matthews Construction contracted to undertake the refurbishment of the old Netball building and preparation of the three courts ready for plexipave sealing.

The sole reason the plexipave sealing has not been laid to date relates to weather conditions.

Works for the fourth court were contracted with a commencing schedule of mid January 2008.


Authorised for distribution to the Circular Head Chronicle by Greg Winton, General Manager, Circular Head Council on Tuesday 8 January 2008.


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