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Subdivision commencement Tier Hill Rise Massey Street Smithton

26 August 2010

Media release

Council welcomes 66 Lot Subdivision Commencement

The Circular Head Council welcomes confirmation that the construction of infrastructure for a 66 lot residential subdivision recently approved by the Council will commence in January 2008.

"I look forward with interest to the response from purchasers for these blocks. Whilst there is an adequate supply of land zoned residential in Smithton, the rate of conversion to serviced blocks available for building has been a concern." said Mayor Quilliam.

Circular Head Council Mayor Daryl Quilliam believes that the subdivision will demonstrate the extent of latent demand and therefore encourage other developers to accelerate their subdivision plans.

Mayor Quilliam also announced that the Council had agreed at its November meeting to examine the feasibility of introducing a 12 month rate remission, or a similar incentive, for eligible first home buyers. "The Council is conscious of the debate surrounding housing affordability and determined it appropriate to look at providing support to those entering the market for the first time." said Mayor Quilliam.

Practical measures available to the Council will be canvassed in a report to be considered by the Council in the new year.

Further enquiries may be directed to Mayor Quilliam by telephoning 0408 543 927.

Authorised for general media distribution by Greg Winton, General Manager, Circular Head Council on Friday 30 November 2007.

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