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Kids … Growing The Community For The Future

7 February 2007

Recently Circular Head Council received a letter from 11 year old Jacqueline Smedley of Stanley: -

Dear Mr Winton,

I am 11 years old, and while my friend and I were walking through the Caravan Park in Stanley, we noticed there was a lack of rubbish bins. People have been throwing their rubbish down around the beach, around the park and even hanging their rubbish in bags on the side of the bin. This is NOT very hygienic and that shows we are not living in a very clean town. I am sure this does not impress the tourists. My second point is about Public toilets. The Town Hall Toilets in Stanley are not very good for the elderly because the stairs are too high. I would also like to see more public seating for tourists around the streets in Stanley as well. I am sure the tourist's (especially elderly people would like to see that happening. Thank you Sir for your time.

Yours truly
Jacqueline Smedley

Circular Head Council General Manager, Greg Winton believes Jacqueline has shown how everyone can make a difference in growing the community that we live in now and for the future.

"We thank Jacqueline for her letter and appreciate her initiative, time and effort."

Kids really can make a difference ... researching Jacqueline's information has resulted in Circular Head Council looking closely at services in Stanley.

"In late 2006 works along the foreshore near the Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park were commenced by Council creating the bitumen walkway around the foreshore. Work will continue along the walkway with new street lighting being installed. The public toilets will undergo an upgrade and of course we will be installing a new bin in this area. This is scheduled for completion by June 2007."

In regard to the Town Hall public toilets this matter is now being assessed by Council for future design and consultation with people of the area to endeavour to meet their needs.

New seating is to be installed by June 2007, which will be located near the Post Office, Newsagency and Town hall.

Circular Head Council also spoke with the operators of the Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park who were also impressed with Jacequeline's initiative regarding the community and are pleased to announce they also will be contributing by installing a further six lights, 3 park benches and a new B-B-Q Rotunda area for public use, all of which will be commenced by June 2007.

Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park have also recently completed a split post and rail fence on Wharf Road and are currently installing a further 10 lights throughout the park to compliment the ambience of the area. In late 2007 Stanley Cabin & Tourist Park are also commencing beautification of their water frontage area.


Further enquiries may be directed to Tony Smart by telephoning (03) 6452 4833.

Jacqueline is available for photograph.

A plan of the future works for the foreshore is available.

Authorised for general media distribution by John van Gaalen, Acting General Manager, Circular Head Council on Wednesday, 7 February, 2007.