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Hunter Island - Proposed Management Agreement

11 August 2004
File Reference No: 11 August 2004

A proposed Management Agreement for the future management of Hunter Island was presented yesterday to the Minister for Tourism, Parks and Heritage, Ken Bacon following endorsement by the Circular Head Council at a meeting held last week.

The proposal was prepared in response to a request by the Minister for Tourism, Parks and Heritage, Ken Bacon, for the Council to lead a consultation process to provide community views on how the island should be managed. Developed in consultation with the Friends of Hunter Island Group, it acknowledges representations and views received from a number of parties both locally and otherwise.


Greg Winton, General Manager of the Circular Head Council suggested that "The Management Agreement provides a framework that demonstrates how wealth can be generated together with sound conservation outcomes. It recognises that to be sustainable, environmental outcomes also require both time and funding consistency. The model proposes creates this consistency without burdening the public purse."


It proposes that Lessees be required to produce fire, weed, visitor, cultural heritage, grazing, feral animal and threatened species management plans at their cost to address social, cultural and environmental issues of concern. "Under the principles proposed, the island will be better managed than many other conservation areas and islands in Tasmania. It also demonstrates an ongoing commitment by the local community to actively ensure the Island is managed more appropriately and that its values are not further diminished." Mr. Winton said.


It proposes the establishment of a Hunter Island Advisory Group, co-ordinated by the Council, to provide an avenue for ongoing community involvement and monitoring of lease performance jointly with the Parks and Wildlife Service as the Lessor representative.


"This is an innovative model for community engagement, with a win-win outcome." indicated Mr. Winton.


Authorised for general media distribution by Greg Winton, General Manager, Circular Head Council on Wednesday 11 August 2004.