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Public Buildings and Facilities Draft Policy

At its October 2019 meeting Council endorsed a Draft Public Buildings and Facilities Policy & Guidelines.

Public Buildings are a long-term investment for Councils which require careful design and management in order to ensure they are a sound investment. They have the potential to provide continued benefit to the community and provide examples of sustainable building and urban design principles. It is proposed that a Public Buildings and Facilities Policy (the Policy), and Public Building Design Guideline (the Guideline) be considered to make these processes of developing and upgrading public buildings more robust, consistent, and considered.  

The Policy incorporates statements regarding Council’s commitment to the highest possible standard of building and urban design, taking into account long term resilience to a changing community and climate, and financial constraints.

The Guideline is drafted to provide clear design principles which are based on industry best-practice. The principles include financial responsibility, aesthetic considerations, environmental considerations, and accessibility considerations. The design principles do not seek to replicate building regulations, but instead seek to identify factors which are often overlooked in the development process that can maximise the social, financial, and environmental benefits.

Opportunity for comment will be from 5 February 2020 until 5pm 27 February 2020 and should be addressed to the General Manager.

For any queries please contact the Council on 6452 4800 or via email at


Draft Public Buildings and Facilities Policy

Draft Public Buildings Facilities Guidelines